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How to use a blender
- Oct 31, 2018 -

1. First, the food is washed and chopped, then the non-raw food into the pot cooked, if it is ice and pepper and so on do not need to cook. Like using a blender to play soy milk, the beans will be poured into the pot to heat, the best with wok heated wok, not paste, induction cooker heating easy to paste, but also can be cooked food. Meat also needs to be cooked, these should be washed and cooked according to the food you make decision, because the fight out is to eat directly, I do not introduce more.

 2. Insert the blade assembly first, then place the chopped food into the central boss of the chopping cup and put it directly in the blender. Put the pieces of food into the cup, then you can choose to add some auxiliary ingredients for mixing and stirring, of course, after stirring and then the auxiliary ingredients can also be mixed into the seasoning according to individual tastes to deal with. 

3. The right amount of clean ingredients has been put into the Blender Cup, then we add water or milk in the machine, the lid of the blender lid tight, to prevent overflow. Cover the lid and place the lid inside the fuselage. 

4. Connect the power supply, chop the food according to the demand, press the switch for 10-20 seconds. The meat is usually chopped and stirred for 30 seconds, and the vegetables and fruits are 15 seconds long. When doing this, press the key to work for a maximum of 30 seconds each time, after 30 seconds, if not finished shredding, please let the product rest 2 minutes before continuing to work. This will help the machine run better. Some of the switches on the machine are on the side, and the keys should be pressed continuously for more than 30 seconds. 

5. After the completion of the power supply, stirring out the fight will soon come out. At this time is pure natural no add, if as long as the juice, then you can play a few times with a fine mesh filter, poured out will not leave residue, drinking delicious.

6. After drinking with water rinse the mixing cup parts, if in the process of using the unfortunate splash into the Blender Cup, you can remove the machine to clean, in the cleaning with a dry wet cloth wipe gently, wipe out into the cabinet or kitchen.

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