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Why Popcorn From An Old Popcorn Maker Causes Lead Poisoning
- Oct 31, 2018 -

The reason is: the old popcorn machine inside the wall contains an excessive amount of lead, after high temperature and high pressure decomposition, it is easy to get involved in popcorn, so the old popcorn machine made out of popcorn often stained with excessive lead, research experts point out that the old-fashioned popcorn maker Popcorn lead is estimated to be 20 times times the amount of lead in the country,

It's easy to get lead poisoning by eating so much popcorn. Now, with the increasing attention to health, coupled with the dangers of the old popcorn machine itself, such a popcorn machine is almost extinct in the market, now whether people open shop or movie theater inside popcorn, with a new popcorn machine, using electric heating, convenient sanitation, popcorn forming quickly, the most important is non-toxic , you can also make different types of popcorn according to people's tastes.

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