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The Historical Source Of Popcorn
- Oct 31, 2018 -

Popcorn is a kind of ancient puffed food, hundreds of years ago, "necklace" of the greedy people in Europe before the migration of the "New World", the Indians living on this continent is in vogue to eat popcorn. After Columbus returned to Europe, he had painted a vivid picture of the Indian children of the "New World" selling them on the streets with popcorn and necklaces. It was also the Indians who taught new European immigrants how to plant and bake corn.

A historian also found the popcorn eaten by ancient Indians 5,000 years ago in a cave in the state of New Mexico, only because of the "craft" of the time, which was far less crunchy than contemporary popcorn. The modern inventor designed an electric cooker for a family of popcorn-eating families and said it would take only 10 minutes to explode a large popcorn. Many local television stations in the United States also often broadcast the common sense of how to make popcorn, and introduce a variety of new flavor popcorn methods.

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