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Popcorn Machine How To Make Popcorn
- Oct 31, 2018 -

1, Popcorn machine ignition, the fire can be adjusted smaller, the fire is too large heating speed, not skilled words are not easy to control, open the popcorn Machine electric switch began to turn stirring.

2, add 12 white cream, about more than 10 seconds cream has melted (hand-type popcorn machine need to keep stirring manually).

3, add 22 corn (at this time, hand-type popcorn machine still need to keep stirring, prevent paste pot).

4, about 10 seconds later, add white sugar 12. 5, cover the lid, wait for the popcorn to come out of the pot (at this time, hand-type popcorn machine must not stop stirring, the most easy to paste the pot when). In 1 minutes, you'll hear a crackling popcorn. Wait for the crackling sound to stop immediately after shutting down the fire, then turn off the power switch. Popcorn out of the pot.

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