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Extruder Operator Should Pay Attention To Which Areas
- Oct 31, 2018 -

① extruder operators, maintenance personnel of the technology must be skilled. If you have experienced personnel, can be caused by improper operation of the machine wear reduced to a minimum, while ensuring the continuity of production, thereby improving the production efficiency of the extruder. The water content and the temperature of the 

② are closely related to the quality of the extruded product, the processing stability and the compression state in the expansion cavity. When the water is low, the energy consumption is high, the output decreases, and vice versa; When the water is similar, the steam quality is higher than the cold water, and the power consumption is low.

③ extrusion process to add too much grease, or material oil content is high, prone to slip-wall idling phenomenon, so that the material by the squeeze force does not reach the requirements, can not make the material completely puffed, or make the material is not easy through the mold mouth, resulting in the phenomenon of plugging machine.

④ in the expansion of corn, if the first puffed corn out of the material is not smooth, you can add the appropriate soybean powder in the corn flour, the extruded material. 

⑤ extrusion process, especially at the beginning of the addition of too much material, prone to plug phenomenon, thus affecting the continuity of production.  After squeezing the high viscosity of the raw materials, it is best to use a higher oil content (such as soy powder) to clean up the expansion chamber, in order to maintain its good working characteristics.

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