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Popcorn Related knowledge
- Oct 31, 2018 -

A popcorn machine is a food device that manufactures and produces popcorn. Popcorn machines were used a long time ago, and scientists from Vanderbilt University and the National Institute of History of Peru discovered about 3,000-6,700 years of popcorn and corn-stick residue near the northern coast of Peru, proving that corn flour and popcorn were once the main food of human ancestors living here. Maize was developed from a weed called sorghum in Mexico, which began to grow widely in Mexico about 9,000 years ago as a crop.

Thousands of years later, maize was introduced into South America and evolved in the Andes to evolve into some of the most common varieties we have today. Native to Central America, corn has been introduced into China since 16th century, and it is recorded that the Ming Dynasty Zheng He took back the high-yielding crops. Outside the Americas, China is the most popular area for maize cultivation.

Corn is also the world's highest production of food crops.

Folk custom, in the beginning of the Lunar New Year of February, the traditional "dragon Head" This day, people have to eat popcorn. According to the myth stories of the North Folk, "Golden bean Blossom" Popcorn is used to rescue the Dragon King Absalom the human rainfall.

In early February of the Lunar New Year Two, is the sky head of the King of the day. Chinese Traditional popcorn, origins can be traced back to the Song Dynasty. At that time, the poet fan Chengda in his "Wu Ji" mentioned Lantern Festival Wuzhong all over the customs of the valley, and explained: "Fried glutinous valley to BU, Groma Lou, North, glutinous rice flowers." "In the Wushire of the customs," the record: "The yuan, ... Burst Waxy valley in the kettle, known as Marco Lou, also Yue rice flowers. Each person blew up, to BU one year of the blame. "In the spring of the advent of the song people with Popcorn to know a year of inauspiciousness, the girls are to ask their own marriage."

The song people put food into the culture so that it has a richer connotation. Why do you call popcorn "Marco"? Popcorn wanted to be the sound of a mock-up of the valley, because the local dialect called the Thunder Sound "the Marco Reel". Qing scholar Zhao Yi in his "Eaves Exposure essays" in the collection of a "Marco Polo Lou Poem": "East into Wu Gate 100,000, every family burst Valley bu." Huang the pot and turn it into a white jade flower. Pink beauty accounted for the event, Bald Pantaloon asked career. Xiao came to adorn the sons, several pieces of plum blossom in the sideburns.

"The poet's popcorn is not only very beautiful, but also permeated with the spice of life." Popcorn is crisp and easy to digest and serves as a tasty snack for everyday use. The invention of popcorn more reflects the rich and colorful Chinese diet, it has a deeper meaning, is to create a food processing method, that is, puffed food. This shows that the ancient Chinese food processing is not only a simple heating cooked, but also through high temperature and pressure to change the state of food, taste, this process is a modern emerging food. This processing method makes the ordinary and the mouth of the food into a delicious and distinctive food snacks, it can be said that thousands of years ago popcorn is a variety of modern and diverse food snacks ancestors.

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