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How to clean the pot of popcorn machine?
- Oct 31, 2018 -

First, the residue in the pot clean, pour 1/3 pot of water and 1 tbsp of popcorn machine cleaner, open the stirring switch after the heating switch heating, the water boiling in the pot after five minutes to turn off the heating switch and the stirring switch, soak for 40-60 minutes, if the pot of serious dirt, can properly prolong the immersion time. 

Second, the pot of sewage poured out, remove the lid and baffle, with a damp cloth to wipe the inner wall of the pot. If the bottom of the pot is more serious carbon stains, you can use a wooden shovel gently remove it, this time you can open the heating switch, but should be careful not to touch the metal parts to avoid burns. Do not use metal products to clean the pot, because the metal products will damage the inside of the pot surface paint.

Third, the use of clean water in the pot, and a white cloth to wipe the pot clean, with a rag will explode the pot outside the wall wipe clean. 

Four, wipe the lid and bezel clean with a rag. If the oil is serious, you can use detergent to clean, and then wash with rinse, with a white cloth wiped dry water stains after re-installation. 

Five, open the heating switch, the water evaporation in the pot clean, so as to avoid moisture residue and damage to the pot.

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