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Electric Vertical Broiler

Electric Vertical Broiler

This unit features three independently controlled heating elements for precision cooking and performance. It is the perfect solution for creating that delicious gyro, shawarma, tacos el pastor, and doner kebabs for your customers. It is the ideal equipment for any fast food or Mediterranean style restaurant.

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Product Details



Size: 534*607*960mm


Power: 9.9KW

Weight: 31Kg  


• This electric gyro broiler is made of all stainless steel.

• The spit angle is adjustable.

• 3 separate temperature adjustments.

• Includes a meat scoop to be used when slicing the meat.


1. Place the food on the main axle, connect to the power supply and the lamp will turn on. Rotate the

temperature knob clockwise to the needed temperature and the heating lamp will turn on, the heating tube will go on and the temperature will rise.

2. The distance of the axle and heating tube can be adjusted. Rotate the axle tree controller clockwise to

move ahead.

3. The food will start rotating.


1. Turn off the power before cleaning.

2. Clean the surface of the machine with neutral detergent. Clean the controlling switches and meter with a

dry towel. Do not rinse it under running water or use pressurized water jets.

3. Pack the grill and store it when it is not used for a long time.

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