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Commercial Conveyor Toaster

Conveyor Toaster ECT-150 / 300 / 450 is a professional toaster with a robust American design. This toaster has capacity for 150 / 300 / 450 slices per hour, also for buns. Easy to clean.

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Product Details


Model: ECT-150

Size: 290*420*440mm
Volts: 220~240V
Power: 1.5KW
Net Weight: 14Kg


Model: ECT-300

Size: 370*420*440mm
Volts: 220~240V
Power: 2KW
Net Weight: 27Kg


Model: ECT-450

Size: 470*420*440mm
Volts: 220~240V
Power: 2.7KW
Net Weight: 35Kg


Commercial conveyor toaster

Robust American design toaster

Stainless steel housing with grille and slide

Powerful device for rapid toasting

Capacity for 150,/300/450 slices per hour

Adjustable speed control knob

Temperature Indicator

With tray for crumbs

Stands on four adjustable legs

Easy to clean

Control Panel:

The unit has two controls.

i. Speed or color control determines the length of time the toast or product is in the heating chamber. The slower the speed, the longer the exposure and the darker the product.


The heat control switch has 4 settings.

a. "OFF" - In this position, the unit is off.

b. "STANDBY" - In this position, the conveyor belt will run and both top and bottom elements will operate at 25% capacity. This mode is designed to keep the unit warm in quiet periods to reduce start-up time and conserve energy.

c. "BREAD" - In this position, both top and bottom elements operate at full capacity. This is the ideal mode for toasting bread.

d. "BUNS" - In this position, only the top element operates at full capacity. This is the ideal setting for toasting one side only of a bun.


For best results, allow the unit to preheat for 20-25 minutes before use so that the correct operating temperature can be reached.

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