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Griddle, also known as teppanyaki, is a dish to eat. Heat the iron plate first, then place the fresh meat and vegetables on it and cover it. Teppanyaki was invented by Spain in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries. At that time, because of the developed shipping in Spain, it was often sailed and colonized around the world. Because the crew was in the sea and the sea, life at sea was very boring, so I had to fish for fun all day long. The fish is roasted and cooked, and this cooking method was later transmitted by the Spaniards to Mexico and California in the American continent.
Because the various materials of the baking are different, the time required is also different. The master's stainless steel body is durable, and the thickness of the iron plate is 0.8cm. The heat transfer block has a long service life and the upper part is a smoke exhaust net, which can function as a heat dissipation and smoke exhaust, and has a reasonable design. The gas iron plate burning machine has two energy-saving burners built therein, and the gas tank on the street can be used.
1. Widely used, can be used as soup and boil all kinds of food.
2. Equipped with fire, direct fire heating, high heat efficiency, fast cooking.
3. Free control of the outer ring, inner ring fire, convenient and practical.
4. Luxurious exterior design, the overall structure is safe and reasonable.
5. All stainless steel manufacturing, new electronic ignition function.
Griddle is mainly used to fry various foods such as steaks, sausages, eggs, hamburger patties, Indian cakes, pancakes, etc. It is also suitable for all kinds of iron plate squid, iron plate meat, iron plate steak, iron plate seafood, iron Plate noodles, iron plate fried rice, etc. The appearance is beautiful, the operation is simple, economical and practical! The gas stove is hygienic, safe and fast, and it is a good tool for the big kitchen to be a West Point person or a shopper.
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