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Commercial Blender

The principle of Commercial Blender is to cut ice into soft smoothies by high-speed collision cutting. Due to the high speed of the motor, the heat is large, so it is not possible to stir for a long time. Continuous grinding for a long time will cause automatic protection of the motor. The protection function of the motor is characterized by automatic shutdown during the mixing process, and other switches lose their function.
It needs to be reset by the protection switch on the back of the machine to work again (the protection switch is behind the machine head, there is a plastic sleeve, when the machine is automatically protected, there will be a plastic rod popping up, and the plastic rod will be pressed back again when reset). Multiple motor protection switches are tripped, indicating that the motor load is too large, and it is necessary to wait for the motor to cool before continuing to use, otherwise it will cause great wear on the motor.
1. When Commercial Blender is grinding hot soy milk or hot corn juice, do not add too hot water or raw materials. Superheated raw materials and water will quickly increase the internal temperature of the knife set and accelerate the wear of the waterproof apron.
2. Because the ice machine has a large horsepower, it is a high-speed transfer machine, in order to avoid the wear and tear of the mushroom head and the bearing improper operation, the cup needs to be completely placed on the base, can be put down and turned left and right, feel the cup stuck The feeling is that full contact is guaranteed to start running.
3.Do not pull the cup out of the machine stand immediately after polishing. Wait for the machine to stop and take the cup again, otherwise the mushroom head can be easily loosened or deformed.
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